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This chapter describes the materials commonly used in the construction of mechanical seals and the factors influencing selection for different applications. a mechanical seal can be split into four main groups of components:
Flexible member( O ring, gaskets, Rubber bellow):NBR / HNBR / VITON / EPDM
Face (Primary Ring): Carbon / Ceramic / SIC / TC
Seat (Stationary Ring): Carbon / Ceramic / SIC / TC
Metal Parts ( Spring , Sleev, Spring hold ) : SUS304 / SUS316 / MONEL / STELLITE


Finite Element Analysis Dual Seal Faces Temperature Map Inboard Seal Faces

While individual seal designs vary, in almost all cases these components can be readily distinguished. Selection of the materials used in mechanical seals is based on experience, backed up where necessary by laboratory testing. In normal circumstances material selection is the responsibility of the seal manufacturer and it is thus essential that he is provided with full details of the fluid coming into contact with the seal. These should include minor chemical constituents and off design conditions that can occur in service. For instance, pumps operating in the food or pharmaceutical industries may be subject periodically to special sterilization procedures which can involve flushing with different chemical fluids from those normally handled.

Detailed information : Carbon; Tungsten; Silicon carbide; Flexible Member; Elasticity Member;Other Material

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